Current Disney World Construction and Rehabs

Current Disney World Construction and Rehabs

Published: 04/09/2016 06:36:01 PM

Disney World has been planning various construction periods during the 2016 year, so this is something that you are going to want to really look into if you are planning to visit the theme park this year. There would be nothing worse than showing up to the park, only to realize that the park is closed for rehab and reconstruction. This is something that could happen if you do not make sure you are not coming during these closed dates, so definitely check with the park by going online, or even by calling in. A representative will be able to let you know which days the park is going to be closed, which will prevent this type of mishap.

Rehabs and Trench Boxes

Disney World is putting a lot of effort into rehabbing their parks, and will have to be utilizing trench boxes throughout the process. Trench boxes essentially line the way for a trench, which is necessary during periods of construction and rehab. The end result will be a revitalized and brand new Disney World, which will be all the better for guests that show up at the park. If you think you are going to be coming to the park this year, it may be a great idea to research when the park is going to be complete. There is no question that it will be better after the reconstruction and rehab is done, so this may be a better overall time to come to the park. However, if you do visit the park during the early and middle stages of construction, make sure you are not going to be planning your vacation during those dates. If you plan on flying in, it is especially important that you plan ahead, as you really do not want to set up flights that you can't cancel.

We All Must Visit Disney!

If you have never been to the park before, there is no question that you should think about paying Disney a visit. There is a reason why so many people want to fly in from all over the World to check out the park, so if you have never been before, you may want to plan a trip. If you do have young kids, this is a time that they will likely remember for the rest of their lives, as most of us that are older have fond memories of heading to Disney as a young kid. There are hotel packages, as well as air fare and other package deals that may make your trip more affordable. Disney is one of those magical places that most people love going to, so make sure you find out what dates the park is going to be closed and plan your trip outside of those dates.

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