Walt Disney World Peak Seasons 2015

Walt Disney World Peak Seasons 2015

Published: 12/21/2014 02:44:41 PM

Visiting Walt Disney World vacation is a dream for virtually every child. However, it is not always the kind of vacation that every parent dreams of. The parks can be extremely crowded during particular times of the year, which does not make for a Disney World vacation that is all that pleasant nor relaxing. It is important to be aware of the peak seasons at Walt Disney World so that you know exactly what you are in for.

Busiest Times at Disney World Revolve Around the School Year

The times that have the greatest (and least) amount of people in the park are pretty consistent annually. So you can take these numbers into account when looking at the peak seasons 2015. The busiest times at Disney World revolve pretty heavily around the calender for the school year. A holiday for the kids equals a busy time at the park. Spring break, Memorial Day weekend, and the summer time for schools are always times that the park is wall to wall people. However, these are also the times that the park is open the latest and is featuring the most attractions. Summer time traffic, and extended hours fall between mid-June and mid-August. If you try to plan your visit during a time that is not technically a holiday, it is likely that the park will be operating with shorter hours and fewer attractions up and going due to the lack of traffic. It is a bit of a trade-off.

Major Holiday Events see Busiest Crowds

Peak Seasons 2015 at Disney World will, like previous years, see the largest numbers towards the end of the year. The Thanksgiving weekend is the first of the major events where you can plan on seeing record crowds. The parks begin to decorate for the Fall seasons and offer shows that are particular to this time of year. This time is also typically when families are gathering together, equaling larger numbers of park goers. The Christmas events also start during the Thanksgiving break. They will just be getting into gear and be at their height from December through New Years Day.

From Christmas through to the New Year is when the numbers are at their highest by a huge margin. This is when the park is the most decorated and offers the highest number of specialized shows. The specialized events does offset the number of people when it comes to lines, but the crunch can still certainly be felt. The thing to consider when planning is how much time you actually want to spend in the park and whether you have been before. Going to see specialized events will require facing bigger crowds. But going for the classic attractions is less stressful; however, your time in the park will be much more limited.

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