Transformers coming to Universal Studios Florida

Transformers coming to Universal Studios Florida

Published: 11/06/2012 06:37:49 PM

The history of the wildly popular Transformers continues to broaden out from the original comic book series to a cartoon series in the 80s, the release of video games to movie franchises, and will now transition over to a 3D ride that will be complete by the summer of 2013, making for a great Universal Studios Orlando vacation package. Unlike other ride building projects that were released at the Universal Orlando theme park, the ride will take only a year to finish, and will be a fitting addition to wow thrill-seeking audiences.

The 3D Ride will definitely be a thrilling theme park experience. It is already a hit at Singapore and Hollywood parks, according to the statement of the president of Universal Creative, Mark Woodbury, in a recent news release. There is no doubt that the Autobots and the Decepticons have a huge following― the three movies released in the franchise of "Transformers" have totaled over billion combined worldwide at the box office.

Autobots Make Guest Appearance at Universal Studios Florida

During a scheduled evening show at the Universal Studios Florida park lagoon last Thursday evening, all of the rumors of whether or not a 3D ride would actually be opening next year were confirmed by Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, who suddenly interrupted the show's activities to greet cheering fans. Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

The theme park in Florida is only capitalizing on an international phenomenon, that has swept people off of their feet since the Autobots and Decepticons first appeared on the comic book scene. The Transformers ride will become the new marker for all other future rides that may be introduced to the park, since it is one of the best dark three-dimension rides in the world. Basing the non-stop action on the sequel of films into a single ride, Michael Bay, the director of the films, had a great deal of involvement capturing the most awesome and exciting parts of all three movie projects combined, and bringing the concept to a reality.

Steven Spielberg Contributes to the Attraction

While on the ride, guests will go on an amazing journey where they meet full-scale robot characters from the film's projector. They'll be able to feel every motion as robots grab their car, and pull them in the action, instantly transforming them into an Autobot. Guests will also feel the wrath of a Decepticon as it pulls them behind him in the air, and then catapults them into and through an office building. They will probably have a heart-stopping moment when that happens, and will likely forget that they are still on a ride. This is just one of the contributions from producer Steven Spielberg, who has been a consultant for the Universal Studios theme park since 1983.

The location of the ride at Universal Studios Florida near the front of the park at the top of the central lagoon was no accident. This location has a great significance as an iconic symbol of the theme park, so the consultants of the ride wanted to make sure that it held center stage, with Optimus Prime standing guard at the entrance of the attraction. In addition, the Orlando ride location will be positioned inside a building in such a way that guests have a view of 360 degrees, unlike the ride in Hollywood, where guests can only see a frontal view.

All of the technology used to make this ride possible is very difficult to put together which is why fans will appreciate the finished product so much next summer in 2013. The image resolution and the action of the ride are equally amazing, and the characters, and technology along with great tie-in scenes makes this ride a spectacular project.

By Jeff Collins

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