Orlando Timeshare Promotions with Disney World Tickets

Orlando Timeshare Promotions with Disney World Tickets

Published: 10/01/2013 01:06:57 AM

Though families don’t like to talk about it, planning a Disney World Vacation Package really amounts to dollars and cents. Family vacations to Orlando can be expensive, and the price can keep it just out of reach. Yes, skimping on the amenities can cut costs, but part of what makes a vacation is the amenities. Disney World Resorts understands this family catch-22 of a needing a fun-filled family getaway with the perks and in an affordable price range. Likewise, Disney Resorts recognizes the need to fill their theme parks. With vacation tools such as Best Orlando Vacation Packages, Walt Disney Resorts and Universal Studios have partnered up with local hotels and condos. The results produce the best Disney World Vacation Packages at the most affordable prices.

Orlando Timeshare Condos

One of the ways in which Best Orlando Vacation Packages can provide such great vacation packages is through an Orlando timeshare presentation. By working with Orlando timeshare condos, Disney World packages can help make the cost of lodging more affordable. And because most of the Disney World area condos represented in the Orlando timeshare offers are located in convenient driving distance to Disney World resorts, it equates to easy access to Disney World theme parks. Disney World Property hotels, of course, are equally affordable and convenient lodging options.

Even though Disney World area condos and Disney World property hotels provide affordable lodging, this is only half the picture. Not to worry, BestOrlandoVacationPackages.com has come up with a variety of reduced-rate ticket offers to maximize family savings and family fun. There is more to see in Orlando than simply Disney World. The same website offering the great deals to Disney World Resorts also offer great savings with vacation packages to Universal Studios and Sea World.

Disney Timeshare Ticket Deals

Participation in the Orlando timeshare promotion includes Disney’s Touch of Magic Tickets. The Touch of Magic Tickets deal provides two adults access to any of the four major Disney theme parks; Magic Kingdom, the Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, or the Animal Kingdom. This ticket includes the optional upgrade to include access to any one of Disney’s smaller theme parks; Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Wide World of Sports, or Disney Quest. This ticket deal is valid for a three to seven night stay at the Gold Crown awarded Silver Lake Resort.

Saving with a Timeshare Package

The vacation packages customized around Disney World property hotels and Disney World area condos are designed with one thing in mind; savings. Their base packages will provide plenty for some families while others might wish to upgrade. If a two-day pass to one of Disney’s major theme parks isn’t enough, why not upgrade it to a three-day or four-day pass? Likewise, adding in a day pass to either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach is certainly a viable option. Then again, if the two-day pass proves to be enough, take a day unwinding to enjoy the dozens of amenities provided by Disney’s hotels or condos. Perhaps the most magical feature of these Disney World Vacation packages is that they provide a family with options, not an itinerary.

Disney Dining Plan Substitution

Lest something be forgotten, what about dining options to complete the savings package? One of many such ticket offers is the Kids Eat Free Card which is a great substitute for a Disney Dining Plan. As the name suggests, this discount card allows children ages 11 and under to eat for free in over 150 participating restaurants in the Orlando and Kissimmee area, plus two Disney World restaurants that were recently added to the list. Disney World vacation packages from BestOrlandoVacationPackages.com can be customized to provide savings from every angle; lodging, theme park access, and dining.

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