Old Town - Kissimee, Florida - Family Fun

Old Town - Kissimee, Florida - Family Fun

Published: 10/23/2012 04:36:44 PM

Kissimmee Florida offers some of the best dining, shopping and entertainment for complete family fun. Old Town is a theme park that is very reasonably priced and located near Walt Disney World in Orlando.

The park offers a very entertaining family oriented platform in Central Florida that is memorable and engaging. Old town, as it's name suggests, has a very nostalgic and wholesome look to the entire park, which is what the Kissimmee residents love the most. There are restaurants, parades, live show performance, dancing, boutiques and shops for people of every age, bumper cars, laser tag, Go Karts and plenty more. There is enough fun in this park to keep the family as well as individuals entertained each and every day.

Old Town is Open Year Round

The park is open all year round and is extremely busy during peak seasons, such as summer and spring. When it comes to individual entertainment, there are a variety of restaurants and teashops that is open to those that in the day or late evening hours. Union Jack is a common place for adults to meet who want to meet for tea and talk. For those who like alcoholic drinks and are over age 21, there is the Tropical Breeze bar, which also offers live entertainment.

Happy Days Entertainment Companies is one of the most popular properties in the park which is a prime destination where families go for rides and live entertainment, such as riding Go Karts, spinning Tea Cups, vintage Merry-Go-Rounds and a Wacky Work Kiddie Coaster. Most of the little ones really enjoy these rides because it gives them something to enjoy along with the parents or older siblings.

Older children love Lazer Runner, because of its exciting laser tag theme of chasing and tagging others in a safely protected environment. The walls are cushioned and the floors are inflated and padded, this gives children and their families an uninterrupted chance to jump, roll and dive like an adventurous heroine that is chasing and tagging any and every thing that is in their way.

AMPVenture Zipline

One of the biggest and newest additions to this park offers is the AMP Venture Zipline. This entertaining adventure course consists of a rock like wall and zipline which allows each family member to climb upwards with the attached ropes. The height is over 3 stories high and is right beside the Windstorm Roller Coaster, which will take the family on an ascending and descending journey they will never forget.

The Amp Venture Zipline is one of the most talked about attractions. The challenging four story rock climbing adventure will keep the family challenged as they try their best to climb to the very top. The all new Amp Venture Zipline Experience will keep the family sweating and laughing as they learn new ways to climb the 40 foot rock. The Amp Zipline adventure is definitely an adventure course not to miss when deciding to take the family to this all adventure theme park.

Old Town is a wonderful place for Family Fun if the budget is low and they just would like to travel to Kissimmee, Florida for a memorable and nostalgic vacation. They have prices that will go as low as one dollar for tickets to certain rides.

Be sure to visit the Old Town Website for more information about this great family-fun amusement park.

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By Jeff Collins

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