Hardrock Hotel Pumping Party Back in Daytona Beach

Hardrock Hotel Pumping Party Back in Daytona Beach

Published: 05/16/2013 05:19:05 PM

As cool of a hard rocking spot as Daytona Beach used to be it seems that they are more interested in people doing other things there than keg stands. There's nothing wrong with that per se but it needed a good spot to get the party back on. To that end Hardrock International has announced that they are planning on building a new Hardrock Hotel right there along the beach front. The new hotel, planned to be finished by 2016 is going to have all of the fixings that make a good party spot. Including the rock star suites and a recording studio in case any of the guests decide they want to kick out a few jams during their stay.

The Hardrock hotel in Daytona will have more than two hundred rooms in addition to what's become a staple of American Culture, a Hardrock Cafe on the premises. If it's a hotel you're looking to party at then there really is no need to look any further than right here.

Hardrock Hotel's Theme is Music

There's a theme that always keeps all of the Hardrock franchise afloat and that theme will be present in the new hotel as well. That theme is music. With more than two hundred rooms, a huge ball room and pool, and music being piped in all the time and everywhere it's clear to see that the hotel is going to bring back some of the partying to Daytona Beach. Not that we'd encourage excess but if you're going to stay in a hotel room designed to make you feel like a rock star then there's no reason why you shouldn't party like one.

According to the mayor of Daytona the city can't wait for the most famous franchise in the world to build a hotel on what he calls the most famous beach in the world. It's planned to open right around the time of the famous Daytona 500 race which will allow it's first guests to experience two quintessential parts of Americana all at once.

Sound of Your Stay

A brand new service that's being called the Sound Of Your Stay offers guests three very new options for the music theme. Tracks gives a code to download an exclusive track that was 20 hand picked tunes by music professionals to accentuate the stay at the Hardrock. In room jam sessions are available with 20 Fender Guitars complete with amps.

As always Hardrock is bringing the aesthetic that they need to to the party and it will surely bring with it the party back to Daytona Beach. So a party spot that saw more of a boom in the 80's might be having some of those drinking contests and wet t-shirt parties that some of us might remember again real soon. After all, rocking hard and beer go together like nachos go with... beer. All of the classic Hardrock cafe experience that people want will be there accompanied with the fantastic service and top notch quality of a hotel chain that's famous for it.

Be sure to visit the Hard Rock's Website for more information about their new hotel.

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By Jeff Collins

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