Fun Spot Kissimmee, Florida - Great Family Time

Fun Spot Kissimmee, Florida - Great Family Time

Published: 10/24/2012 03:28:56 PM

Florida, has long been the destination of choice for individuals who are looking to enjoy some quality vacation time with their friends and family. Outside of its near-perfect weather, and its world-famous beaches, one of the things that has made this state such of a popular vacation spot is the fact, that it has many of the best known amusement parks, and theme parks on the planet.

Many of these theme parks offer fun for both adults and children. One of the downsides however, to many of the theme parks that are in Florida is that before a person can enter, they have to pay a ridiculously high entrance fee. This fee applies, whether or not, they are going to enjoy any of the attractions in the park or not. While, some families, would love to take the children to one of these theme parks, because of the exorbitantly high entrance fees, they just can't afford it.

Fun Spot Has No Entrance Fees

Fun Spot, in Kissimmee, is an amusement park that removes the obstacle of expensive entrance fees. General admission to this park is absolutely free. This is an amusement park that, is designed to be a place where a family could bring their kids and enjoy an entire day of fun. If the parents do not want to enjoy the fun, games, and go Karts, but their children want to, then all parents need to do is by their child a wristband, and the child can enjoy all of the attractions while the parents walk through the park and enjoy each other's company for free. Also because of its fun and relaxed atmosphere, this park makes a great location to go on a first date, or to use for a night away from the kids.

Fun Spot, offers a lot of attractions that are designed to entertain and thrill people of all ages. One of the more popular attractions at this park is the indoor blacklight Mini golf course, that allows you to test your dexterity, and challenge your friends in one of the most unique many golf courses on the East Coast.

Vortex - Go Karting at its Best

One of the main attractions to this Florida theme park is its extreme go kart tracks. These go kart tracks, take go karting to a completely different level. For example, there is the Vortex. This four story high, yellow track, is famous for having banks of more than 32. These banks are steeper than those that are at the Daytona Speedway. A person must be at least 54 inches tall, to drive on this track, however there are Go Karts that have double seats that allow a parent to take along younger children.

Then there is a track called, Chaos. This track appears to be simple when you look at it, but when you're actually sitting in the car you realize that it is full of so many twists and turns, that it is way more challenging than it appears. The Road Course track, is more of a classic go kart track. It gives you the opportunity to test your skills when it comes to speed and turning on curbs. This track also allows a person to race against their friends, who can be clearly seen throughout the entire course.

The final course is called Slick. Have you ever wondered how good of a driver you would be while driving on a slick and wet surface? Well this track will test your skills when it comes to handling slippery and wet roads. Both Chaos and Slick ,require their drivers to be at least 56 inches tall, and there are no vehicles with two seats for children.

Sky Coaster Thrill Ride

As if the Go Karts, were not reason enough to visit this exciting amusement park, there is also the Sky Coaster Thrill Ride that is designed to spin its rider, drop them, and basically scared the living daylights out of them. The Sky Coaster Thrill Ride, the amazing go carts, the power trip coaster, the yo-yo swing, the bumper cars, hotseat, and the amazing Midway arcade, along with more snacks, and food than you can imagine, are just some of the reasons why putting Fun Spot Kissimmee, on your list of places to visit is one of the best decision the family could make.

Be sure to visit the Fun Spots Attraction Website for more information about this great family-fun amusement park.

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By Jeff Collins

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