Fall & Winter at Orlando's Theme Parks 2012

Fall & Winter at Orlando's Theme Parks 2012

Published: 11/21/2012 04:47:51 PM

From the fairy tales at the Magic Kingdom, to the marine animal shows at Sea World, to the mimics of movie making in Universal Studios, and the safari of exotic animals at Animal Kingdom, there are so many magical events to enjoy and memories to create in Orlando theme parks.

Orlando’s all year warm weather means vacationers may choose to visit the theme parks anytime during the year. However, the fall and winter months are relatively cooler than the much hotter and humid summer months so it’s always a good idea to wait till October, when the weather is just nice and comfortable. Another reason use an Orlando theme park vacation in the fall and winter months is because those are the less crowded seasons. The general consensus of many people is to avoid the peak seasons when it is so crowded that visitors find that even hotel rooms are fully booked.

Cooler Months Mean Shorter Lines at the Theme Parks

Choosing to visit the Disney World theme parks in the cooler months also means shorter lines to the rides and other fun activities. The main reason people choose to visit Orlando is to have fun partaking in the numerous activities and events. Unfortunately, waiting in line to get on a single ride can take forever during the summer months when everyone else is vacationing there. Standing in long lines under the scorching heat from the sun can sometimes takes the fun out, especially when there are little children who might become impatient and start whining while in line.

Aside of the weather and the crowd, a lot of money may be saved while vacationing at the Disney World theme parks during the fall and winter months. Not only is it less crowded around these times, this period is the best time of the year to get great deals on Disney World packages. The hotels rates go down dramatically than the busy summer months because of the drop in the number of people visiting. Also some of the Orlando timeshare packages are offered at great discounted prices during off peak seasons, which makes it the best time to enjoy the Orlando timeshare packages where renters have more privacy, plenty of living space, the choice to prepare their own meals, and the chance to save money on accommodations, while still enjoying the benefit of being close to most of the theme parks.

Winter Holiday Celebrations at the Theme Parks

There are so many exciting activities to enjoy at the theme parks throughout the year, but the holiday season offers a lot of Christmas related events that can create lasting memories. The numerous food festivals and array of holiday celebrations are just some of the few entertainments people can partake in. Vacationers who visit during Christmas also get to enjoy activities such as the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade and Party.

Finally, visitors who choose to take Orlando theme park vacation during the cooler months also get to enjoy a perfect weather devoid of the summer heat and the constant torrential rains typical of the summer months. Standing in shorter lines for the park rides, and enjoying great deals on accommodations will greatly enhance this fun vacation.

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By Jeff Collins

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