Disney World Rides Refurbished Thanks To Overhead Cranes

Published: 10/27/2016 10:02:18 AM

The overhead crane is back in time to ruin the Magic Kingdom photos. It is, unfortunately, unavoidable though and this is because Cinderella’s Castle requires quite an amount of work to be performed on it on a yearly basis. The purpose of the crane was to provide the required assistance to repair on the castle roof, and it made the job get done faster and far easier. It will also help with the painting works on the castle. The works had to be complete before the holiday lights could ever go on again, just like it had always been in times past.

In January, another set of repair works are set to kick off, and Cinderella’s Castle is expected to receive yet another facelift. Very soon, the world famous Disney World crane would take center stage again and be the talk on every lip and the most shared photos on the internet. By then, it will not just be about the photos itself, but also about the people, it makes very popular. Yeah, sharing pictures of Disney world crane can shoot one into stardom in no time at all. The plans in place indicate such stardom can last for several months during the period the repair works are underway.

Overhead Cranes at Cinderella's Castle

The overhead cranes are back at Cinderella’s castle, and there are concerns among Americans about how long it will remain there. Yes, many repair works need to be done, but many would prefer Saturdays being left out on the list to allow people enjoy the good old time at Disney World. Many who would like to take pictures of Cinderella’s Castle may have to wait until the cranes are gone, or they will have to take such pictures with the crane obstructing the view and posing along with the castle, taking off the shine. Individuals hoping to get some beautiful pictures of the castle with its new hub will have to decide on the better line of action to take.

Feelers have it however that the cranes may stay put for the next two months or thereabout. There are indications that its presence is due to preparation for Christmas Light to the Castle. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas begins on November 7th, and there are signs that the cranes would have gone by then.

Even with the cranes in place, those who desire to take photos can still go on. Such photos can be taken in such a manner that the crane will not feature. How can this be done? Anyone taking pictures from Main Street will never be able to avoid capturing the cranes. However, people can avoid this if such pictures are taken from another point of view aside Main Street. However, this will have to continue until the whole repair work is complete. It is a huge place and needs lots of timely repair and retouching. Holidaymakers will have to make do with this sight until it is done and the cranes are rolled away again.

If Disney World is to remain beautiful all the time, there is a need to renew its look consistently. The truth is nobody else can do it right except the cranes. Best everyone can do to give the crane a break instead of seeing it as a game spoiler. People should never forget it is there for the good of everyone. In a rather uninteresting manner, it is making the place beautiful and attractive for all visitors to Disney World. People should take some time to imagine how Disney world would be without the cranes in place and working. Then maybe they will realize how important it is and the kind of work this good guy is doing.

Overhead Cranes Focal Point of Pictures

Instead of seeing the cranes as a game spoiler, visitors at Disney World seeking to take pictures of Cinderella’s Castel can make the best of the situation by making the crane part of the fun. The crane is beautiful in appearance too. It will not be a bad idea to allow it sit in the background as one takes a picture with the castle. It is all a matter of perspective. The baseline is that the crane must be in place if Disney world is ever going to remain beautiful and attractive.

The crane may be infamous, but it is helping out at Disney World and for the most famous project in the history of humanity, Cinderella’s Castle. The crane is involved in loads of repair works on the castle. For example, the castle needed a bit of roof repair, and the crane had been a big help in this regard. The castle equally required some repainting works to give it a new look and to return all her old beauty. The repair is necessary to make Disney World fascinating for everyone, especially during Christmas.

After the roof repair and the wall paintings, the crane will also be principal to the fitting of light right on top of the castle and everywhere else to make the holiday season an enjoyable experience for all. Christmas lights at Disney world had always had left fond memories in the minds of all. The place gets more glamorous when the castle is in good shape, and this infamous crane is the one doing all the dirty works that all will end up enjoying and appreciating. Yes, it is there for a purpose, and the fo0cus of that purpose is the pleasure of all visitors to Disney World.


Be that as it may, the cranes will not be at Cinderella’s Castle to celebrate Christmas with everyone else. Consequently, people who do not appreciate its presence at the castle will be relieved of its sight, at least for a while during Christmas. No one can, however, vouch for its complete absence after then. There may be some break after Christmas, but there are fears that such break will be just for a short while. In conclusion, the cranes may still be back once Christmas is over.

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