One Day at Disney World is now Over 100 Dollars!

One Day at Disney World is now Over 100 Dollars!

Published: 06/08/2013 07:23:41 PM

Disney World vacation packages have long been a source of enjoyment for many families over the years. The entertainment and amusement aspects of the parks have mesmerized people of all ages. Since it is a place that has retained its popularity, it has increased in cost.

One day at Disney World cost a visitor over 100 dollars for entering the park (Magic Kingdom park). This is a substantial increase from many years ago. For many people, it has made the park unattainable to attend for one of their Disney World family vacations.

A family of four needs to plan for over 400 dollars just to get into the park for one day! Since they will also want to get food and drinks while they are enjoying themselves, this will add on another 100 dollars at least per day. That gives them 500 dollars per day to budget for without considering the cost of transportation, hotel and any other sight seeing expeditions they wish to do while they are in the area. The expense is something that might seem exorbitant for many families, so they might decide their trip to the amusement park.

A family can save money while visiting Disney World by purchasing several day passes that bring down the cost a little. They will then be able to go back to the park a couple of days in a row, but they will still have to consider the cost of staying at a hotel for more nights. Another thing they can look into for this type of vacation is a package deal that includes airfare, hotel and admission to the park costs in one lump sum. Sometimes these package deals will also include a rental car for transportation around the area. They can find different deals by searching on the Internet, or by using a travel agent.

Another way for people to find discounts to attend the park and its events is to hunt down coupons. Different places on the Internet may have coupons, so it is worth doing a search before making the trip to Disney World. Belonging to a travel club like AAA might turn out to be a positive for more than one reason. Not only will it help if a person has car trouble while traveling, but they may have special discounts to offer their customers to cut down on some of the expenses for the trip. Other people decide to stay with friends or family members in the area instead of hotels in order to lower the costs. Still others stay in hostels, or rent apartments from people in the area.

For those that are planning a trip to Disney World, they should plan on spending a lot of money, especially if they want to bring home a souvenir. The costs of visiting the famous Theme Park are not going down anytime in the near future, and in the years to come are sure to rise even further. After all, the amount of fun and entertainment the park provides a visitor well exceeds the costs to enter it, or does it?

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By Jeff Collins

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