Disney's Epcot Center

Disney's Epcot Center

Published: 11/11/2014 08:06:12 PM

One of the most unique theme parks in the Walt Disney World family is Disney's Epcot Center. The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or Epcot focuses on the history, traditions and cultures of some of the worlds most beautiful and diverse countries. Combining technology with tradition, Epcot is dramatically designed around a beautiful lagoon.

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Epcot Center and the Monorail

Visitors to Epcot Center can access the park via the monorail from the Magic Kingdom, the transportation hub, or one of a select group of resort hotels within Disney World. Access is also available by Disney bus from any of the theme parks in the Disney system including Downtown Disney. Guests entering the park can expect to be checked at a security checkpoint. Bags, purses, and other items are subject to being searched for the protection of all guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. Guests not carrying any packages or bags are permitted to bypass the security checkpoint and continue to the entrance turnstiles.

Epcot Center is more than twice the size of the Magic Kingdom and visitors should expect a certain amount of walking and standing in line. Unlike the Magic Kingdom where the rides create a feeling of fantasy or adventure, Epcot rides and attractions lean toward a futuristic look at the world, providing visitors education as well as entertainment. Epcot is divided into two main sections; Future World, and World Showcase.


The World Showcase is an ongoing world's fair representing a dozen countries situated around the 40 acre World Showcase Lagoon. Each country has a pavilion displaying its culture, history, and architecture. The pavilions consist of typical landmarks and street scenes of each particular country and the people working in the shops and restaurants are native to that country. Rides, restaurants, and other exhibits transport visitors from one country to the next with ease and beauty. It is the closets you can get to visiting a foreign country without leaving the United States. Countries included in the world showcase include:

- Norway
- Mexico
- China
- Germany
- Italy
- Japan
- Morocco
- France
- United Kingdom
- Canada
- United States


At the end of the World Showcase Lagoon near the entrance of the park is Future World. The mammoth Spaceship Earth, the symbol of Epcot, transports visitors back in time to the earth's beginnings. Travel forward through time to see man's accomplishments in technology and communication on this rock we call home and ending in the present day with an exhibit on what the future holds.

The Innoventions East and West, located near Spaceship Earth give visitors an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with some of the most inventive and newest ideas in technology. Touch and test products that can only be seen here and in highly classified laboratories around the world. Sega, AT&T, IBM, and more provide exhibits and gadgets for this location.

Mission: Space offers another of Epcot's top attractions. With a focus on speed and space, this attraction gives visitors a chance to feel the excitement and extreme intensity of space travel without ever leaving the planet. This attraction has a tendency to wreak havoc on the equilibrium. Not a ride for the faint of heart, but it is a lot of fun! This attraction is also popular and using a fastpass or getting in line early is advised.

The General Motors Test Track was among the most keenly anticipated attractions in Epcot history. Visitors waiting in line are introduced to the history of the automobile and then takes participants on an incredible ride as they test an automobile. Experience heat, cold, and even test the speed and durability of the car on a thrill ride that will not soon be forgotten. Whether you use a fastpass or wait in line, this is a ride that you will want to do again and again.

Also at Epcot is a section devoted to the land and the sea. Visit Nemo and friends in the aquarium, enjoy the fruits of the land by traveling through the greenhouses that provide food for Epcot, and journey into the imagination with Figment and fly high on the incomparable Soarin'.

Disney's Epcot Center is filled with education, thrill, and fun for the whole family. No vacation to Disney theme parks is complete without a visit to this land of enchantment.

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By Jeff Collins

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